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Some people were born to sing, some were born to dance, and many were born to love…But I was definitely born to BAKE!


For years I’ve always had an intense desire & enthusiasm to bake, and in laymens terms, THAT’S PASSION BABY!!!

 While growing up in East Texas (Palestine), I with seven brothers and sisters, cooking and baking was second nature in our household. I often recall watching my mother and my Aunt Edna bake pastries. My beloved aunt would bake home-made cakes for my father’s birthday each and every year & it wasn’t long before I knew I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I was always fascinated by the anatomy of a cake, I wanted to know how it came together, mix the flavors, explore with the colors, smell the aromas while baking, and how well it sliced when cut.

I can recount the very first  time  I baked a cake, when I was just a child in 3rd grade, and wanted my aunt's approval, her words to me I will never forget were "keep trying", so I did indeed! My mothers influence was also a pivotal role for my love for baking.  My mother would bake homemade cookies when we were children and sell them to the kids in our neighborhood out of a glass vintage Lance cookie jar. I watched & learned techniques from my two role models only aspiring to be as half as great as they were.

 I once heard a quote by John Maxwell; “Team work, makes the dream work”, and I truly am living out my dreams. My team consists of my younger sister, Andrea, who is responsible for creating a lot of the custom sugar or fondant pieces of art that are seen on several of my cakes. My Assistant is my daughter Asia, who is responsible for all of our buttercream, royal, cream cheese, chocolate, or flavored icing; you may see Asia at your events delivering our custom orders as well. Lastly, but definitely not the least is my growing little nephew "Tristan" whom some may know as my Lil apprentice. Tristan has been working side by side with me since he was two years old. Tristan is extremely precise in his tasting techniques and very capable of coloring fondant & icing!

Our talents are from within, and we pride ourselves in being self-taught, with no formal training. Simply put, we do what we do because of the joy we receive from our clients once we’ve made their event or day a special one to remember. Creating these small & often large sugar-filled works of art is worth each & every smile.

We are located in Houston Texas creating classic custom cakes with a contemporary and stylish flare and a burst of elegance. Our cakes are visually attractive and oh so delicious works of art that will make your event more memorable!

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